Our Products
Q: What are your products made out of?
A: Our products are made of 100% nontoxic medical grade silicone. Silicone is durable, anti-microbial, and easy to clean.

Q: Where are your products made?
A: Our products are ethically made in China.

Q: How can you claim they are “ethically” made, if they are made in China?
A: Our manufacturer is a BSCI audited facility, adhering to a strict Code of Conduct.

Q: What makes Little Standout teething toys unique?
A: Our toys are 100% designed by us! We taught ourselves to sketch, design, and even prototyped all on our own. We product tested our designs on some adorable babies and made sure our designs were exactly how we wanted them before moving ahead with mass production.

Q: What if my child is done teething?
A: Our designs are fun for imaginative play. Even if your child is not putting our toys in their mouth, they can have fun “playing pretend” with our toys at any age.

Q: How do I wash them?
A: You can wash them with soap and warm water, or even run them through the dishwasher, top-rack only! Do NOT boil them! Please read our Instructions for Use for more information. 

Q: Do they freeze?
A: We have chosen to make our teething toys out of solid silicone, for safety reasons. Because of this, they are not filled with a freezable liquid, but they will hold some chill, so throw them in the freezer or fridge.

Q: Does Little Standout follow the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act guidelines?
A: Yes! All Little Standout products are tested for compliance at a CPSC-accepted accredited laboratory right here in the USA! They pass all ASTM testing and standards.

Q: Do you offer coupon codes or discounts?
A: We do! We typically post our sales info on our Instagram or Facebook.

Shipping Policies & Returns
You can read more about our shop's policies over here, including shipping time frames, tax rates, returns, and more.