Our Story

We all know that babies will put ANYTHING in their mouths, why not give them something that is safe, functional, and fun?

While working in the natural and organic children's product industry, Staci Civins realized that teething toys should be designed to make a statement, for you and your baby to standout!

Starting with creatively driven drawings, Staci began producing a variety of designs that represent adult passions and interests, with the hope that parents could bond over things other than diaper changes and sleep schedules.

Making the prototypes locally, she was able to recruit dozens of baby testers to properly evaluate the grabability and chewability of each teether prototype, the best of which would go on to be produced in 100% silicone. They are totally safe, and totally awesome!

This is just the start for Little Standout. We are very excited to continue designing a product line that is every bit as unique as you are!

Welcome to the Little Standout family.